How to Get Started in Factorio (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

2021-1-22 · Place a stone furnace in the area the mining drill outputs to, indicated by the yellow arrow. If the player has played Satisfactory, this should seem familiar-- save the manual collection. The player needs to fill the machines with the wood they have gathered, beginning iron plate production. Beginning Material Mining in Factorio

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2022-5-17 · Mid-Game Universal Steel Furnace Smelter (Same-side Input and Output) Advanced Smelting - FACTORIO MASTER CLASS. Advanced Smelting (8 Beacon) 45 / sec output. Advanced Smelting (12 Beacons) 45/sec output. Advanced Smelting Stone Brick (8 Beacons) Steel Smelting 88 Ore -> 25 Steel / sec. Steel City Block 323 Ore -> 90 Steel/sec.

Iron axe

2022-7-17 · The Iron axe is a tool used for the manual mining of resources, for cutting trees, and for collecting items deployed on the ground (so they can be placed elsewhere). They can also be used for melee fighting when the player is out of ammo. They are mostly used in the beginning of the game where the player has no resources to set up drills to ...

Lategame Mining

 · Mining productivity research is "King" in this case and it is already implemented . Best additional solution would be a MKII, maybe even a MKIII drill at additional material costs to produce. This means more assembling = more Factorio! Mining area should be max. 6x6, so you can use beacons without moving after finishing a stripe

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2022-5-17 · Factorio Prints. This is a site to share blueprints for the game Factorio. Blueprints can be exported from the game using the in-game blueprint manager. [Video Tutorial] There is also limited support for the 0.14 blueprint mods Blueprint …

Factorio Cheat Sheet

2022-7-26 · Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories. This is a compendium of the most common Factorio facts as of v1.0 release. A huge thanks to to all the contributors on GitHub, as well as the community who made the previous cheat sheets and other resources; such as the Wiki, Reddit, and Factorio Discord from which this is all based on. This is only a sliver of …


The mining drones and mining depot is unlocked from the start of the game (so you can use it instead of mining drills), and they don''t require any power. There are 2 technologies related to the mining drones: Mining drone speed: Increases walking speed, mining speed, and carry capacity. Mining drone productivity: Gives a chance to produce extra ...

Factorio early-game walkthrough [v1.0] | Rock Paper …

2020-8-14 · This Factorio walkthrough will take you through our first hour on a new map, and show you how to set yourself up for easy success with your factory. MultiVersus tier list ... Once the smelting module is ready, you need to start properly mining your iron ore patch. You''ll need 30 Electric Mining Drills to fill up a yellow belt with ore.

Belt Factorio Mixed

2022-7-29 · mine=mouse-button-2 Factorio - Perfect Ratio Mixed Belts (Combinators) Factorio Cheat Sheet Balance tape in the game factorio - serves to allocate resources on the conveyor 1 Date: 2020 1 Date: 2020. martina2020 So I have a belt with two different resources, one on each side of the belt (coal and iron ore) .

Iron ore

2022-8-1 · Internal name. iron-ore. Required technologies. None required. Produced by. Consumed by. Iron ore is a resource found on the map. It can be smelted into iron plates in a furnace, and is also a component in concrete .

Burner mining drill "Waiting for space in destination"

 · Burner mining drill "Waiting for space in destination". so yeah, this is the first time playing to me so please forgive me if I am just being stupid. So I''ve set up multiple Burner mining drills to drill coal,stone and iron. I have connected them with transport belts so they can be refuelled automatically.

Normal Yields (with optional depletion)

An infinite resource mod that allows miners to continue mining ore resources at the normal vanilla rates (no insane yields!), and then can optionally start decreasing to lower yields after the initial spawned resource amounts are mined, with only a single code execution per resource tile. Includes settings for minimum depletion level and rate of depletion. This mod is for those that …

Burner mining drill

1  · The burner mining drill is the first type of drill accessible to the player. It burns fuel to mine the ore underneath the 2×2 area it is placed on.. It mines about 7 items per single unit of coal used to fuel it, producing 0.25 items/s for copper ore, coal, iron ore or stone.Burner miners create a lot of pollution per item.. Burner drills are usually used until the player has built an ...

Factorio Mods

Several basic mineral stacks in the original version were modified to 200(coal、stone、iron-ore、copper-ore、uranium-ore),wood=5k 16 days ago 1.1 52 Mining ... Adds mining drones and mining depots with extra support for Factorio and Conquer. Original Mining Drones mod by Klonan 22 days ago 1.1 2020 Mining source code. Download

Factorio: How to Build a Smelting Setup

2020-8-20 · First, leave four spaces between the splitters and furnaces at the head of the array. Put two splitters facing each other across a distance of one tile gap. After that, put belts going towards the outside, feeding the belts of your array. The splitters only feed half of every belt, because of their close placement.

Electric Mining Drill Math

 · However the wiki also states that it "Mines copper, iron and coal at a rate of 0.525/s and stone at a rate of 0.65/s." Aren''t these two contradictory? My second question is, in 0.16.51 vanilla Factorio, assuming a copper mining speed of 0.525/s and yellow belt speed of 13.33/s, It should require at least 25.39 (13.33 / 0.525 = 26 rounded up ...

Iron Plate

2022-7-9 · Iron Plates are a type of material that is made by smelting Iron ore in a furnace. Smelting Iron Plates in a furnace will give you Steel Plates. Iron Plates are one of the most used materials and are used to make the following items: Iron Stick Iron axe Smart Chest Rocket launcher Burner Mining Drill Underground belt Splitter Long handed inserter Assembling …

The Ultimate Beginner''s Guide to Factorio

2017-7-11 · The drill will start off and, voila! Now you are drilling for iron! Now you have some raw iron, you are going to need to get it to a stone furnace. Sure, you can just collect it in your inventory -- but since Factorio is all about industrial …

Ore mining setup

 · You need mining productivity level 1,905+ (1,539+ for stone) for each drill to saturate one side of a blue belt. Of course you could use logistics bots, but if you''re that late into the game; UPS is probably a concern... and you can''t get much more efficient than a parked train right on the drills. Ranakastrasz.

I need iron

 · Mining is fairly slow, so one train per mine is usually enough unless you have truly gigantic patches maybe. Then you can have a small stacker at the unloading station to allow multiple trains to use it. Just an area where trains can wait if the station is in use. Those can be parallel waiting tracks or linear ones where trains wait one after ...

Bob''s Mining

06. 2019 Features: - Added steam powered mining drill 2x2 (burner clone) with 4x4 area and sideways passthrough steam pipe. The entity is tuned to work best with top tier steam, this means it will scale in power based on steam tier. speed 0.4 and 120kW per tier (speed 2 and 600kW at maximum) Version: 0.17.3 Date: 22.


2020-8-3 · Place the first row of smelters. Leave a 1 tile space, then place an output belt going in the direction of your planned main bus. Leave a 1 tile space and then place the second line of furnaces. The feeding belts are going to go around the outside of the furnaces.


About the game. Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories. You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating production, and fighting enemies. Use your imagination to design your factory, combine simple elements into ingenious structures, apply management skills to keep it working ...

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2022-5-17 · 4 Heart of Coke (Sea Block) 6 Sea Block - Solar powered Steam Battery. 6 Sea Block - Washing to Nodules. 7 Sea Block - Crystalizing Iron. 11 Sea Block - Green Algae to Wood Pellets. 87 Jump start base (including Nanobots) 533 Jump Start Base. 102 Tileable Solar block.

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2021-1-29 · Support for the mining productivity bonus, introduced in 0.15. Support for "expensive" mode. Arbitrary numerical precision. Calculations are performed using bigint rationals, so errors from floating-point calculations should not be an issue. Support for multiple simultaneous outputs. May display rates per second, minute, or hour.

Deep core mining

Deep core mining. by VortiK. A not cheaty infinite ore mod. Adds ore patches that appear when ore fields are depleted that can be mined with a pair of advanced mining drill to upgrade mining outposts and provide source of expensive but steady infinite ore. Adds an high tech infinite ore mining from rare deep core cracks spawned in the world ...

Factorio train station guide: How to build …

2021-2-8 · To build a railway in Factorio, first you must lay down your track. Tracks can be built in a straight line end-to-end, or in a loop. If you opt for the former, you''ll need locomotives at either ...

Robot Mining Site

Factorio version: 0.14 - 1.1. Downloaded: 80142 times. Craft new mining robots which can be used in Robot Mining Sites to mine resources for you. Every Mining Site is a passive provider chest and contains additional entities with it: - Controller: a lamp which can control whether the mining should be enabled or not.

Factorio Sulfuric Acid Ratio

2022-3-8 · Search: Factorio Sulfuric Acid Ratio. Since the cycle is 1 Pure sulfuric acid has a specific gravity of 1 This calculator is the result of a few years'' worth of fooling around, off and on, with performing calculations using Factorio''s recipe graph Indeed, you only need a second setup if you produce massive amounts of batteries & blue circuits So the ratio is 2 sulfuric acid plants …

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2021-2-9 · The first number is the calculated number for the entire belt, but is likely a fraction and not practical. The second number is divided by two and rounded up, giving an integer number of drills to put on each side. Belt tier: Yellow Red Blue. Material being mined: Coal, Iron, Copper, Stone Uranium. Productivity research level:

Miners that are direct-mining into trains don''t …

 · As can be seen in the above screenshot, inserters ready to load into a train go inactive when there isn''t a train present. Depleted miners go into inactive state. However the mining drills (that still have ore) that are ready to …

Factorio Acid Sulfuric Ratio

2022-2-8 · Search: Factorio Sulfuric Acid Ratio. The Underground Club Station – Mitten in Hamburg auf der Reeperbahn im Klubhaus St too far in adding mods to my newest Factorio world Plastic and Sulfuric Acid The functions of a properly designed PCV system are many, and the emission portion is only one 25*350 = 437 25*350 = 437.

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2022-5-17 · 1 MiniMall v0.17 by Hamster & Bique. 1 MultiStation Unload v4.2 - Large LHD (by Bique&Hamster) 2 Jumpstart Base (start to bots) 2 MegaBase for 1.0k/m Science. 1 Nave Interestelar. 0 Speed modules. 1 Artillery Base / Train. 0 Kovarex Process with Mechanical U-235 Counter. 0 Resource Buffer.

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2020-8-14 · But here are the basics on how to use Blueprints in-game for Factorio beginners: To access your Blueprint Library, tap "B" or click the first button in the top-right of the screen in-game. The Blueprint Library is where you can access, inspect, and alter all your Blueprints. You can create your own Blueprints using the Blueprint tool, which you ...